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The COVID-mood is much more optimistic these days, as we move into the summer. Not to mention the fact that more folks are vaccinated. Surfing this optimistic wave, and in keeping with Step 2 of BC’s Reopening Plan, we are going to move out Baby Groups off Zoom, and out to the Park!

Starting Thursday June 17, I will be running the Older Baby Group (for babies 6-18mos) from 10:30-noon, and the New Baby Group (for babies 0-6mos) from 1-2pm at the Eberts Street Park in Fairfield. Both groups will run at the park every Thursday through the summer months. We will decide about moving indoors when we see how things shape up for September.

The Mothering Touch Baby Groups are one of the best parts of my job!! We sit around in a big circle, and each parent (or family) gets to talk about how things are going for them and for their baby this week. Parents (all genders are welcome!) share their joys and woes, their triumphs and their disappointments, their worries and their dreams. They ask questions. Sometimes the group contributes suggestions. Sometimes I provide information.

We have breastfeeding and bottle feeding parents in the group. We have sleep-training parents and co-sleeping parents. We have cloth diaper babies and disposable diaper babies, and Elimination Communication babies too! We welcome all parenting styles, and we draw from many different resources, to help families find the parenting ways that works best for them!

The babies lie in their parents’ arms, or on a blanket on the ground. They seem to love being in the group, listening to the voices, gazing at the faces, and feeling the atmosphere of mutual support and community. Parents feed, or soothe, or change their babies, as needed.

There is no registration – just drop-in! The fee for each meeting is $3. This can be paid online here.

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