Our Instructors


Founder, Director & Co-Owner of The Mothering Touch Centre; Childbirth Educator, Certified Doula and Breastfeeding Educator

Eva is the Director and Co-Owner of the Mothering Touch Centre. She coordinates the childbirth, activity, yoga and fitness classes. She teaches some of our Childbirth Preparation Classes, Birth Doula Training Workshops, and Peekaboo! Coucou! ,and facilitates the Baby Groups and Pregnancy Happy Hour.

Eva has been working with childbearing families since 1991. She started her training as a Childbirth Educator with the National Childbirth Trust in Scotland and is now a Lamaze-Certified Childbirth Educator.

Eva has been a doula since 1995, becoming certified by DONA International in 1997. She has accompanied over 140 families through childbirth. It is always an honour to be invited to share this wonderful time in a family's life. She is very grateful for the privilege of working with new mothers and babies. Eva parle couramment le français et propose ses services d'accompagnante à la naissance à la communauté francophone de Victoria.

Eva completed the Douglas College Breastfeeding Course for Health Professionals in 1996 and has been helping new mothers and their babies learn the mother-baby breastfeeding dance since then. This is one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of Eva's multi-faceted work life.

Eva is married to Randy Enkin, a geophysicist, who is also her business partner. Eva and Randy have three wonderful grown-up children - Daniel, Simon and Hannah - co-owners of The Mothering Touch Centre.

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Pamela Bethel, CD (DONA), LCCE

PamAndCaleb_pinterestLamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Breastfeeding Educator, & Birth Doula

Birth and parenthood are profound and transformative; they are passages that connect us to the past, present and future. They are also complex, messy, scary, incredible, joyous, frustrating, hilarious, crazy-making and sleep-depriving. In fact, just insert any adjective and it probably applies to the rich journey of parenthood. Pamela enjoys helping new and expectant parents develop their confidence and their own unique approaches to birth and parenthood.

Pamela lives with her partner Matthew and their 3 year old son/wildcard Munro. They are all actively engaged, in various capacities, with Victoria's performing arts scene.




Melissa Harris, CD(DONA), LCCE

Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Breastfeeding Educator, & Birth Doula

After working in the fertility industry and having a doula at her first two births, Melissa knew that helping people and birth would intersect for a long time to come. Melissa has been a DONA certified birth doula and Douglas College trained breastfeeding educator since 2011.

Before becoming a doula, she wanted to become a teacher, but with 2 small children, the timing didn’t seem right. Becoming a childbirth educator at Douglas College has bridged that gap of teaching and birth. Melissa enjoys teaching evidence based birth strategies and hopes that all of the families she meets can gain confidence in their birthing and parenting choices. Since each birth and family is different, she is constantly gaining knowledge from each family that she works with in her classes and as a doula.

Melissa has 3 boys who are all obsessed with hockey and baseball, and she is likely to make several sports references during her classes.


Danika Surm, LCCE

Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Breastfeeding Educator, & Evidence Based Birth® Instructor

Birth and early parenthood are such an incredibly vulnerable, joyful, momentous, soul-stretching stage of our lives. It is my honour and privilege to support families during this transitional period. I am passionate about birth; about understanding current research and integrating it with the inherent wisdom and knowledge that women/birthing folk possess about their own bodies and needs; and about supporting birthing individuals in finding their own power and voice – things I think are often undermined in our culture. I believe that every person deserves to feel listened to, honoured, and celebrated in this momentous time - I am grateful for my involvement in your family’s journey and hope you leave my classes confident, empowered, and informed.

When not talking birth I can be found playing in the forest with my own two munchkins, shopping at the farmer’s market, cooking up a storm, and currently, learning to knit.



Clarissa Stuckenberg

Retail Staff; Yoga Teacher; Birth Doula

Clarissa spent 15 years as a trained dancer in her youth. Just after that time she tried a yoga class and was hooked right away. She began practising a vinyasa flow style that felt much like dance but the energy was calmer and she enjoyed learning about the importance of the breath. In 2009 Clarissa completed her first yoga teacher training (100hr) in Vancouver with Derek Ralph’s. In 2011 Clarissa and her husband moved to Victoria and she completed another teacher training (250hr) at Moksana in Victoria. Just after that training Clarissa took a specialized pre/post natal yoga teacher training at Moksana out of curiosity and was happily surprised at how much she loved it.

In 2012 Clarissa took a birth doula training course at Mothering Touch and in 2016 became a certified breastfeeding educator. Clarissa is a mother of two and found yoga so incredibly beneficial while she was going through pregnancy and postpartum. She finds it so special to teach other people during this season of their lives and is always seeking to help them find comfort and mobility.

You can contact or learn more about Clarissa on Instagram: stuckenstrong


Renee Ahmadi

Yoga Instructor and Birth Doula

Renée teaches Toddler Yoga and Mom and Baby Yoga classes. She has an undergraduate degree from UVIC in Child and Youth Care is working on a Masters in Disability Management. Renée’s last fifteen years of work experience have been about supporting families at every stage of life, from working with young children and youth to adults with unique needs. She is passionate about the meaning of truly inclusive yoga for every body.

Renée is mother to Ezra and Arya. When she is relaxing she can be found in her garden with her children grazing nearby.


Alyssa Jean Klazek

Yoga Instructor, Musician

Alyssa is grateful to be able to share her love for Yoga with this amazing community at Mothering Touch. She has two young daughters and has relied on Yoga to provide clarity and strength during this ever changing time of life.  Alyssa has completed two trainings, one under Rameen Peyrow the founder of SATTVA Yoga, and with Ann-Kathrin Martins in a Prenatal/Postnatal course.

In the past she has taught many different styles of Yoga in many different settings both physical practice, breathing techniques and meditation. She also has a background in music and incorporates instruments, chanting and singing in her classes.

Amanda Kihn

Registered Massage Therapist

Amanda Kihn trained at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. She also completed Mothering Touch’s DONA-approved Birth Doula Workshop and Prenatal classes. A self-proclaimed baby-whisperer, this mother of two small children delights in caring for other mothers and their babies.

Amanda teaches our Baby Massage classes.




Theresa Gulliver

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Theresa leads our Motherhood Circles and runs her counselling private practise from Mothering Touch.

Theresa has visited and lived in almost every province and territory in Canada. After travelling to Central America, India, South-east Asia and West Africa, Theresa settled in Victoria with her partner, step daughter and daughter. Despite the challenging feats she accomplished in her life, nothing tested her stamina and sanity as much as motherhood. Theresa believes it is vital to create community and garner support through this significant life change.

Theresa draws on her decade of experience teaching yoga and practicing meditation to offer a holistic therapeutic approach to helping new mothers thrive.

To learn more about Theresa, please visit her website.


Sadie Hodswood BA RYT

Yoga Instructor, Full Spectrum Doula

Sadie is a mother, a doula, a yoga teacher, an artist, and the founder of the Community Doula Connection. She has been teaching yoga since 2010 and in 2014 certified as a birth doula. In 2017 she certified as a prenatal yoga teacher with the Prenatal Yoga Center in NYC.

“My path to becoming a doula was not a straight one, but when I arrived I felt that I was home. With the first birth that I supported I felt it in my bones and in my soul that I had finally found my heart’s calling.”

Over the years she has woven her work as a yoga teacher with her passion for working with women in their childbearing years. She believes that practicing yoga strengthens and prepares your mind and body for labour and motherhood.

Sadie teaches Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga and Restorative Yoga with Acupressure workshops at Mothering Touch.

You can learn more about sadie here: http://sadiehodswood.com/meet-sadie/

Marika Hall BA HDP R.Ac.

Registered Acupuncturist, Birth and postpartum doula

Growing up near her grandparents and extended family from the earliest age, Marika was exposed to the importance of being raised by the village. But it wasn’t until living in Tanzania on a medical anthropology internship during university, that she recognized that the village was lacking for most families she knew in Canada. Upon returning to Canada she became a birth and postpartum doula to work with families through the child bearing years, especially in creating a web of support during the postpartum period.

It was during her training as a doula at Pacific Rim College that she was inspired by the philosophy and wholistic health model of Chinese Medicine. After several years of working as a doula and studying to be a Shamanic practitioner, she decided to return to Pacific Rim College to complete her training as an Acupuncturist.

Find out more about Marika at her website www.marikareidhall.com

Marika teaches our Acupuncture for Couples and Restorative Yoga with Acupuncture workshops.