Founder, Director & Co-Owner of The Mothering Touch Centre; Childbirth Educator, Certified Doula and Breastfeeding Educator

Eva is the Director and Co-Owner of the Mothering Touch Centre. She coordinates the childbirth, activity, yoga and fitness classes. She teaches some of our Childbirth Preparation Classes, Parenting the Newborn, Birth Doula Training Workshops, and Grandparents’ Classes, and facilitates the Baby Groups and Pregnancy Happy Hour.

Eva has been working with childbearing families since 1991. She started her training as a Childbirth Educator with the National Childbirth Trust in Scotland and is now a Lamaze-Certified Childbirth Educator.

Eva has been a doula since 1995, becoming certified by DONA International in 1997. She has accompanied over 140 families through childbirth. It is always an honour to be invited to share this wonderful time in a family’s life. She is very grateful for the privilege of working with new mothers and babies. Eva parle couramment le français et propose ses services d’accompagnante à la naissance à la communauté francophone de Victoria.

Eva completed the Douglas College Breastfeeding Course for Health Professionals in 1996 and has been helping new mothers and their babies learn the mother-baby breastfeeding dance since then. This is one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of Eva’s multi-faceted work life.

Eva is married to Randy Enkin, a geophysicist, who is also her business partner. Eva and Randy have three wonderful grown-up children – Daniel, Simon and Hannah – co-owners of The Mothering Touch Centre.

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Pamela Bethel, CD (DONA), LCCE

Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Breastfeeding Educator, & Birth Doula

Birth and parenthood are profound and transformative; they are passages that connect us to the past, present and future. They are also complex, messy, scary, incredible, joyous, frustrating, hilarious, crazy-making and sleep-depriving. In fact, just insert any adjective and it probably applies to the rich journey of parenthood. Pamela enjoys helping new and expectant parents develop their confidence and their own unique approaches to birth and parenthood.

Pamela lives with her partner Matthew and their son/wildcard Munro. They are all actively engaged, in various capacities, with Victoria’s performing arts scene.

Pamela Bethel, CD (DONA), LCCE

Melissa Harris, CD(DONA), LCCE

Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Breastfeeding Educator, & Birth Doula

After working in the fertility industry and having a doula at her first two births, Melissa knew that helping people and birth would intersect for a long time to come. Melissa has been a DONA certified birth doula and Douglas College trained breastfeeding educator since 2011.

Before becoming a doula, she wanted to become a teacher, but with 2 small children, the timing didn’t seem right. Becoming a childbirth educator at Douglas College has bridged that gap of teaching and birth. Melissa enjoys teaching evidence based birth strategies and hopes that all of the families she meets can gain confidence in their birthing and parenting choices. Since each birth and family is different, she is constantly gaining knowledge from each family that she works with in her classes and as a doula.

Melissa has 3 boys who are all obsessed with hockey and baseball, and she is likely to make several sports references during her classes.

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Danielle Ryzuck

Certified Childbirth Educator, Lactation Educator

My interest in pregnancy, birth, and lactation seems to have always been a part of my life.  I grew up as a LLL rugrat, absorbing everything birth, babies, and breasts while my mother led meetings, and when it came time for choosing a post secondary path, midwifery lost to anthropology in a coin toss.  Later in life, after having three wildly different births (with wildly different babies, who would have thought?), my latent interest became a passion and I searched for a way to make the world of birth congruent with my world of raising little humans.  Childbirth Education is my perfect match –  I get to be a part of the rich, beautiful, and crazy world of entry into parenthood, but I still get to sleep through the night!

I strive to bring a mix of evidence based information and experience based tips, tricks, and wisdom to class, with the end goal of having participants leave with not only knowing a bit more than when they started, but with less anxiety and fear and a mental bag of practical tools for birth and early parenthood.

I am a Certified Childbirth Educator and Lactation Educator, and have been teaching with Mothering Touch since 2019.

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Corinne Bargen

Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Lactation Educator, Birth and Postpartum Doula

I grew up loving all things birth and babies. I soaked up the birth stories from my older cousins and babysat any baby or child as soon as the parents’ trusted me. My husband and I have three teenage boys and it was after their births that I knew I wanted to support families as they grew.

One of my main goals in supporting families in my various birth worker roles is helping them access trust in themselves. Teaching evidence based birth strategies and helping inform people’s own intuitions as they become parents is a role I hold with honour. I hope that after people spend time with me in class that they leave with a little more information than they came into class with, a few “tricks” for coping well in labour and the early postpartum days, lower levels of anxiety and a much higher belief and trust in themselves, their bodies, their choices and their intuitions.

Over the last 10+ years I have had the privilege of supporting hundreds of families in our community as a birth & postpartum doula and breastfeeding support and have been teaching at Mothering Touch since 2020.

Corinne Bargen

Clarissa Stuckenberg

Retail Staff, Yoga Teacher, Birth Doula

Clarissa spent 15 years as a trained dancer in her youth. Just after that time she tried a yoga class and was hooked right away. She began practising a vinyasa flow style that felt much like dance but the energy was calmer and she enjoyed learning about the importance of the breath. In 2009 Clarissa completed her first yoga teacher training (100hr) in Vancouver with Derek Ralph’s. In 2011 Clarissa and her husband moved to Victoria and she completed another teacher training (250hr) at Moksana in Victoria. Just after that training Clarissa took a specialized pre/post natal yoga teacher training at Moksana out of curiosity and was happily surprised at how much she loved it. Clarissa teaches our Prenatal Yoga Classes.

In 2012 Clarissa took a birth doula training course at Mothering Touch and in 2016 became a certified breastfeeding educator. Clarissa is a mother of three and found yoga so incredibly beneficial while she was going through pregnancy and postpartum. She finds it so special to teach other people during this season of their lives and is always seeking to help them find comfort and mobility.

You can contact or learn more about Clarissa on Instagram: stuckenstrong

Clarissa Stuckenberg

Rosy Mann

Yoga Teacher

Rosy is on a journey dancing inside out. She believes Yoga is a practice of the union between the mind and the body. She has over 3 decades of spiritual practice in  the healing arts. She integrates the art and science of wellness. Rosy has a BSc in health sciences and currently finishing her masters in counselling.

Her life’s work is based on somatic wellness. She holds a First Degree black belt in NIA (neuromuscular integrative action) a movement dance form: healing arts, dance arts, and martial arts. Rosy guides from the foundation of Yoga philosophy and her roots are in Ancient wisdom from India. She has two young adult children, and finds a mother is the best bet for her children and builds a foundation for them to develop their wings to fly.

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Diàna Horvath

Yoga Teacher

Diàna is from Hungary. She began practicing yoga at the age of 18 and she have been teaching for the last 9 years. With a BA degree from Vaishnava Yoga College in India she officially became a Yoga Instructor in 2015. In addition, she has completed 200 hours of Ashtanga yoga and 200 hours of dynamic flow yoga instructor training. Her international experience includes working as a qualified yoga teacher in Budapest, London, Rome and Vancouver where she led workshops, and taught private classes.

Over the past couple of years Diàna has become very  interested in how a woman’s body changes during pregnancy and how yoga can dramatically help her during these 9 months and beyond. In 2020 she earned  my prenatal yoga instructor certification and she is also in the process of becoming a Birth Doula. Diàna strives to keep herself abreast of traditional as well as new techniques to keep her teaching fluid, relatable and passionate. She has her own daily practice of breathing techniques and meditation, so as to be her best for all the people she works with.

Diàna’s relocation to Vancouver island in 2021  has given her the opportunity to widen her knowledge as a teacher and birth doula.  Yoga has fundamentally changed her life and she is so grateful to be able to share  this personal experience with the people who will practice with her here in Victoria.

Yoga Teacher

Rose Cortez

Yoga Teacher

For 15 years, Rose Cortez has dedicated her path to mastery in Theatre, Arts, Yoga, & Wellness observing details to bloom everyday.

As an artist; creator/collective playwright/performer Rose strives for mindfulness practice in Theatre, Arts, and Yoga for healing, change and transformation.  She uses both her lived experiences and artistic formal training at York University’s Theatre Conservatory combining Southeast and Asian  Wellness traditions with movement, sound and text.  Rose’s creative works and endeavours in Theatre, Arts and Yoga communities in Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, Kamloops, Victoria and Haida Gwaii reflect her resilient commitment to innovate for the future of our next generation.

Yoga Teacher

Tamara Cleaver

Yoga Teacher

Tamara has been a Birth & Postpartum Doula since 2012, and a Breastfeeding Educator since 2013. Over the years, she has nurtured over 100 Vancouver Island families throughout pregnancy, birth and new parenthood.  She took her first yoga teacher training in 2012, and became a certified Pre & Postnatal Yoga teacher in 2016. Tamara is currently completing the 800 hour Yoga Therapy program through Ajna Yoga in Victoria BC.  

Tamara is known for her calm energy and gentle presence. Her three children & her Grandson are her favourite humans on Earth. She loves trees, 80’s music trivia, and laughter that makes your face wrinkle. She fully believes in the transformative power of a good nap. It is Tamara’s joyful mission to help folks cultivate a sense of ease & belonging to themselves- body, mind,heart & spirit.

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Amanda Kihn

Registered Massage Therapist

Amanda Kihn trained at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. She also completed Mothering Touch’s DONA-approved Birth Doula Workshop and Prenatal classes. A self-proclaimed baby-whisperer, this mother of two small children delights in caring for other mothers and their babies.

Amanda teaches our Baby Massage classes.

Amanda Kihn

Theresa Gulliver

Master Therapeutic Counsellor

Theresa leads our Motherhood Circles and runs her counselling private practise from Mothering Touch.

Theresa has visited and lived in almost every province and territory in Canada. After travelling to Central America, India, South-east Asia and West Africa, Theresa settled in Victoria with her partner, step daughter and daughter. Despite the challenging feats she accomplished in her life, nothing tested her stamina and sanity as much as motherhood. Theresa believes it is vital to create community and garner support through this significant life change.

Theresa draws on her decade of experience teaching yoga and practicing meditation to offer a holistic therapeutic approach to helping new mothers thrive.

To learn more about Theresa, please visit her website.

Theresa Gulliver

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