Founder, Director & Co-Owner of The Mothering Touch Centre; Childbirth Educator, Certified Doula and Breastfeeding Educator, DONA-Approved Birth Doula Trainer

Eva is the Director and Co-Owner of the Mothering Touch Centre. She coordinates the childbirth, activity, yoga and fitness classes. She teaches some of our Childbirth Preparation Classes and Doula Training Workshops and facilitates the Drop-in Parent and Baby Groups.

Eva has been working with childbearing families since 1991. She started her training as a Childbirth Educator with the National Childbirth Trust in Scotland and is now a Lamaze-Certified Childbirth Educator.

Eva has been a doula since 1995, becoming certified by DONA International in 1997. She has accompanied over 150 families through childbirth. It is always an honour to be invited to share this wonderful time in a family’s life. She is very grateful for the privilege of working with new parents and babies. Eva parle couramment le français et propose ses services d’accompagnante à la naissance à la communauté francophone de Victoria.

Eva completed the Douglas College Breastfeeding Course for Health Professionals in 1996 and has been helping new parents and their babies learn the lactation dance since then. This is one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of Eva’s multi-faceted work life.

Eva is married to Randy Enkin, a geophysicist, who is also her business partner. Eva and Randy have three wonderful grown-up children – Daniel, Simon and Hannah – co-owners of The Mothering Touch Centre.

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Karen Horton

Our Registrar

Karen started with Mothering Touch in July 2019. She is very excited about being part of an inclusive, caring community built around supporting pregnant and new parents. As a single parent of two she found community support invaluable.

Karen loves babies and has passed that love along to her preteen, her teenager is worried that she will catch baby fever again so they feel the need to remind her that with nine (soon to be ten) nieces and nephews she doesn’t need to have another baby to have baby cuddles.

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Karen Horton

Linda Shubert

Our Retail Purchaser

Linda has been working at Mothering Touch since May 2010. She loves and is excited by the entire concept of

the Centre and how it offers a safe place for parents to meet, get support, or just have a chat about what is going on in their day. A supportive community for parents has always been an important issue for her.

Linda enjoys her days at Mothering Touch being surrounded by kids, babies, and parents, the best part of her day is being asked to hold a baby! Her three children are all young adults who constantly surprise and amaze their parents.

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Teegan Lenk

Retail Staff

Teegan has been working at Mothering Touch since March 2016. She considers herself lucky to be able to be a part of such a wonderful community of parents and parents-to-be. Every day she gets the chance to meet new babies and help them and their parents navigate the sometimes turbulent river that is life with kids. Teegan brings a wealth of knowledge from her own experience, as she has 2 children still under 4.

Teegan is an avid baby wearer and is a great supporter of any who choose to do likewise. She is always eager to help anyone who would like to learn how to wear their baby.

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