Resources – Breastfeeding

Mothering Touch Breastfeeding Support

  • We rent and sell Medela breastpumps and pump parts.  We also have trained and experienced Breastfeeding Counsellors on staff who are happy to talk to you on the phone, in the store or at your home.  Visit us, or call us at (250)595-4905. To request a Breastfeeding Consult, click here.

Great streaming video on the hand-expression of breast milk.

  • So much easier to learn if you see someone do it!

INFACT Canada – Infant Feeding Action Coalition

  • Protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding in Canada.

Quintessence Foundation

  • Breastfeeding education to health professionals and the public through venues such as the Breastfeeding Challenge.

Dr. Jack Newman’s Site

  • Breastfeeding articles, information and video clips by Dr. Jack Newman, a Toronto pediatrician.

La Leche League – Canada

  • This is the Canadian chapter of an internationally recognized organization whose mandate is, “To encourage, promote and provide mother-to-be breastfeeding support and educational opportunities as an important contribution to the health of children, families and society.”  Contact them at 250-727-4384 to find a meeting happening near you.

Breastfeeding Matters – South Vancouver Island

  • A group of health-care professionals and interested individuals working since 1998 to protect, promote and support breastfeeding on Southern Vancouver Island.

Island Health (The Vancouver Island Health Authority)

  • A Public Health Nurse from Island Health (VIHA) contacts most first-time mothers soon after the birth of your baby.  If you have not had a phone call and would like to see a public health nurse, just call your local health unit. Island Health also provides free breastfeeding clinics and support by phone.  Click here to locate the health unit in your area.

Carol Arndt – The Breastpump Lady

  • Rents and delivers breastpumps all over the Greater Victoria Area.  Call her at (250)812-7370

Alison Ranger

  • Rents and sells Medela breastpumps.  Call her at (250)479-9413.

Dr. Jennifer Wickens

  • A General Practitioner and a member of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, Dr. Wickens sees patients with breastfeeding concerns who have been referred by their GP or Midwife.  Call (250)721-1188 to make an appointment.

Dr. Laura Spratt

  • A Family Physician and Lactation Consultant, Dr. Spratt sees patients with breastfeeding concerns who have been referred by their GP or Midwife.  Call (250)475-2251 to make an appointment.