Wrapsody Wrap Duo Sport and Water

Wrapsody Duo

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Product Description

Wrapsody DuoThe Wrap DuO is unique in that it was originally designed for a specific application – use in water. We do have many customers who use this carrier as an “everywhere” wrap (on the front only), but once your baby hits 20-25 pounds, most find it too narrow and stretchy to continue comfortably carrying a child on land. If you are submerged in water, such as in a shallow pool, this is still suitable for carrying even preschool children while keeping your hands free, but this won’t be comfortable out of the water. In summary, for showering and swimming, the water wrap is a wonderful carrier. For a stylish out-of-water carrier that folds up compactly, the Water Wrap ™ is suitable until babies reach 20-25 pounds. In fact, the high-tech sports-knit may help keep you and your baby cool and dry on sweaty days, when dancing at a wedding, or when doing gentle yoga or walking. For brief, 15-minute bursts of carrying on land, you may be able to use the Wrap DuO up until approximately 30 – 35 pounds, but you will find many more suitable carriers for this purpose.

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