Wrapsody Wrap Breeze

Wrapsody Breeze Orion

Various Colours and prints – in-store sales only, Size S/M

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Product Description

wrapsody breeze orionWrapsody Breeze wraps are reported by our customers to be the lightest weight wrap carriers available. They are made from bottomweight cotton gauze, heavier than the gauze used to make broomstick skirts (do people still know what those are?). The gauze is not “stretchy,” but rather, supportive and strong and with the diagonal give that is necessary to make any wraparound carrier comfortable. Each has a storage pocket sewn into the end that can either hold the wrap itself while not in use or can be used to store a wallet, car keys, or other lightweight items while carrying baby.

Many customers find the Breeze wraps to be fabulous beginner carriers because the fabric is lightweight and easy to maneuver. People love them in hot weather. Because they are so light and airy, they require more precise wrapping to achieve optimum comfort. Some customers find that this helps them master the art of wrapping more quickly, but other customers find it a drawback and prefer a wrap that’s a bit more forgiving of sloppy wrap jobs, such as our Hybrid wraps. Petite mamas also sometimes prefer this wrap because it comes in sizes. Although the Gypsy Mama has comfortably carried even very large children in this wrap, if your child is over 35 pounds you may find it most comfortable for carrying 30 minutes or less. With children heavier than this, it can still be used to carry for periods greater than 30 minutes but requires more frequent adjusting for optimum comfort.

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