The Midwifery Option

A Canadian Guide to the Birth Experience

By Miranda Hawkins & Sarah Knox

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As a growing number of women express their desire for a more personal and natural birth experience, and with fewer doctors delivering babies, midwives are becoming the choice of thousands of pregnant Canadians. Many more expectant mothers are contemplating the midwifery option. The challenge facing all these women is that no single resource explains midwifery in a Canadian context.

The Midwifery Option: A Canadian Guide to the Birth Experience,written by two veterans of the midwife experience, now offers a blend ofcomprehensive, up-to-date information, real life case studies, and furtherresource listing:

  • Informed choice – the midwifery philosophy and difference
  • Not a nurse, a doctor’s assistant or a doula – what a midwife is andisn’t
  • Legislation and training – how midwives are governed and educated ineach province
  • Profile of a midwife client – is midwifery for me?
  • Safety and risk – what are the implications when choosing a midwife?
  • Continuous care – what to expect from a midwife: how, when and why
  • From episiotomies to caesareans – how midwives can help
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