Breast Pump Decision Making Tool

We sell and rent breast pumps.  Your decision to rent or buy… and if you buy, what type of pump you buy, is dependant on your situation…

For instance, if you will be pumping exclusively, or almost exclusively, for a short time (1-4 months) you will likely be best off to rent a hospital grade pump.  But if your needs are the same, for for a longer term, you will want to purchase your own pump.

Use the chart below as a guide to help you choose a pump to meet your needs.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us – we have trained breastfeeding educators on staff to help.

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You need…

Recommended Pump(s)

To initiate, increase or maintain your breastmilk supply.

For 4 months or less.

One or more of these situations may apply:

  • Your baby is in NICU and you need to establish a milk supply.
  • You need to increase your milk supply because your baby is not gaining enough weight or you have multiples.
  • You’re experiencing latching issues.
  • Rest is prescribed by your care provider due to sore nipples or other factors.
  • You must pump exclusively.

Medela Symphony – Rental

The Symphony is a double-sided hospital-grade electric breast pump and is effective for frequent, long-term pumping.  It is quiet and very adjustable, to make pumping as comfortable as possible.

Click here for more information on renting a Medela Symphony.

To initiate, increase or maintain your breastmilk supply.

For more than 4 months.

The same situations as above may apply, but if you need to pump for more than 4 months, it will be more cost-effective for you to purchase a pump of your own.

Medela Freestyle

The Freestyle is a double-sided electric breast pump with hospital grade suction strength, but designed for long-term personal use.  This pump is built to stimulate or maintain a milk supply and withstand frequent pumping.  If long-term exclusive pumping is needed, it may be more cost-effective to buy a Freestyle Pump than to rent a Symphony.

The Freestyle also comes with a backpack and accessories to enable hands-free pumping; it is quiet and powerful.

To pump more than 2x per day to supplement regular breastfeeding for more than 4 weeks.

This situation often applies to Moms going back to work or school before their baby is 9 months old.

Medela Freestyle or Ameda Purely-Yours

As described above, the Freestyle is a powerful, full-featured pump.  The Purely-Yours is a little more basic and not as quiet as the Freestyle, but it does come at a lower price point.

To pump occasionally (1 or 2 times per day) to supplement regular breastfeeding

You may breastfeed exclusively, but also require the ability to provide bottled breast milk to your baby occasionally when you go out.

Medela Harmony or Medela Swing

The Harmony is a manual pump, it is a very cost-effective solution and allows for quiet, one-handed pumping.  You can pump while you are feeding your baby, saving time and allowing you to harness the power of your baby’s suck to generate a let-down!

The Swing is more expensive than the Harmony but it is electric and easier to use, allowing Mom to relax more and perhaps for her milk to flow better.