Breastfeeding Support & Services

Breastfeeding supportOur Breastfeeding Educators provide prompt, individualized breastfeeding support. We focus on practical solutions to breastfeeding challenges.

With the support of their midwife, doctor, maternity nurses and public health nurses, most women learn to breastfeed their babies quite easily in the first days with baby because the hormones their bodies are producing make them very ready to learn.  Challenges can arise though and many women benefit from a little extra help and support.

At The Mothering Touch Centre, our trained Breastfeeding Educators provide prompt individualized practical help. Most of our consultations take place at the Mothering Touch Centre, but we can see you at home in an emergency. Just call and ask.

Our Breastfeeding Educators Can…

help with…

  • latching the baby
  • correct positioning
  • breast engorgement
  • sore and cracked nipples
  • blocked ducts

provide information about…

  • infant cues and behaviour
  • frequency and duration of feeds
  • how to tell if baby is getting enough milk
  • expressing and storing milk

When breastfeeding problems become complicated by medical issues, we refer the mother and baby to a health care provider.  We do not prescribe.

Our Breastfeeding Educators charge $65 per hour at the Mothering Touch Centre or $75 per hour for home visits.  After your first visit, phone consultations are free.

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