Childbirth Preparation Course Outline

The curriculum for all of our Childbirth Preparation classes is based on the Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices.  The topics below are presented in a variety of ways, including discussion, hands-on practice, video, couple work and group work.

Session I : Let labour begin on its own

  • Structure of the course: Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices
  • Fears about labour
  • Outline of Labour
  • Hormones of labour and How Labour Begins / Artificial Induction
  • VIDEO: Understanding Birth
  • How Long Labour Takes
  • How do I know that I am in labour?
  • Strategies for Early Labour

Session II : Walk, Move Around, and Change Positions Throughout Labor

  • How gravity and movement help with the progress of active labour
  • Active Labour
  • Breathing techniques for Active Labour
  • Positions to use during labour – Labour Lab
  • Hands-on Massage techniques for Active Labour

Session III : Avoid Giving Birth on Your Back, and Follow Your Body’s Urges to Push

  • Transition – Strategies and techniques for coping
  • Second Stage of Labour – Pushing the baby out – Positions and Breathing
  • Third Stage – The Placenta
  • VIDEO: The Three R’s – Relaxation, Rhythm and Ritual

Session IV : Avoid interventions that are not medically necessary

  • Informed Consent – What questions to ask, why and when
  • Pain Medications
  • Common Medical Interventions in Labour and Delivery
  • Caesarean Birth

Session V : Bring a Loved One, Friend, or Doula for Continuous Support

  • Birth Plan Card Game – how to plan for the birth you want
  • Labour Role Play – practice comfort measures with your partner
  • VIDEO: Normal vaginal birth
  • The New Mom – physical and emotional changes

Sssion VI : Keep Mother and Baby Together – It’s Best for Mother, Baby, and Breastfeeding

  • The Newborn – Behaviour & needs
  • Breastfeeding Basics for the First Weeks – Milk production, positioning, latching
  • VIDEO: Baby-Led Latching
  • The New Family – Early parenting together


  • Scheduling of a Reunion
  • Making Connections
  • Evaluations