Classes and Groups for Dads

Classes and groups for Dads

Becoming a Dad has its own challenges, and we want to provide fathers with support specifically geared to them. We are very excited that Dimitri de Morea, a clinical counsellor and new father has agreed to join the Mothering Touch team to provide some father-to-father support.

Check out our new Daddy-focused programs!

Becoming a Dad – A Workshop for Fathers – A two-hour workshop on a weekday evening

Dads’ Group – This group will no longer run as of April 3, 2015

Dads are also welcome in any of these classes

Dads are also welcome in any of the Baby Groups! Our baby groups, facilitated by Eva Bild (Owner of Mothering Touch) are a great opportunity to hear how other parents are coping with the challenges they face. The group is a place to ask questions, crowd source local resources, and find other families to hang out with! Also a great time to expose your babies to other children.