Who comes to En français?

Posted by on Jan 15, 2016
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En français! is the French songs-and-rhymes class at Mothering Touch on Fridays at 1:30pm. It’s taught by Eva Bild who spent much of her childhood in France and loves to sing. (Click here for more details.)

We spend most of our time singing songs, but we also learn rhymes and read a story and have some conversation time in French. Do come and join us!

Who comes to En français?

    1. The Mom who went to French immersion and wants to learn some French songs to sing to her baby. And she realizes she doesn’t know any baby-talk in French!


    1. The Francophone Dad who grew up in Trois-Rivières, but has lived in BC for years. He hardly ever speaks French anymore and wants to remember songs and rhymes from his childhood and pass them on to his baby.


    1. The Grand-maman who is visiting from Gatineau and wants her daughter and grand-daughter to learn songs and rhymes in French. She wants to be able to communicate with her grand-daughter in her own language.


    1. The French immersion teacher who is on maternity leave and wants to learn some new material for her classroom. She brings her baby along because it reminds her to keep speaking French to him.


    1. The Mom who never learned French at all but thinks this would be a great time to start learning, with her baby. She want him to go to French immersion, some day.


    1. The Mom who went to French immersion years ago and wants to get comfortable in French again because she wants to run a French-language daycare when her baby gets older.


    1. The Mom who studied psycho-linguistics at university and knows that children who are exposed to many different languages develop more awareness of language.


    1. The Mom who loved French at school, but never actually spoke it and wants to try now.


    1. The Mom who likes singing and wants to learn more songs to sing to her kids.


  1. The Dad who just needs a fun place to go with his baby on Friday afternoons!

Which one are you? Or do you have a whole other reason? Come tell us about it.