Restorative Yoga for Breastfeeding

Posted by on Nov 12, 2015
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Breastfeeding YogaRestorative Yoga for Breastfeeding

A Special Workshop for Breastfeeding Mothers

Taught by Yoga Instructor, Sarah-Jane Steele

Breastfeeding is hard physical work for the mother. It involves not only the breasts, but also the brain, the shoulders, neck and chest, and the arms and hands.

The positions we use to breastfeed can create constriction in our body which makes breastfeeding more difficult and may even impact our milk supply.

This restorative yoga class for breastfeeding mothers will examine how we use our bodies while nourishing our babies and how we can restore and refresh our bodies and our minds.

We will work on sequences for home that help create space and release tensions, both physically and mentally. We will practice self massage techniques to support the lymphatic system and practice a series of shoulder and neck releases as well use bolsters and props to facilitate deep muscular release. We hope you will leave feeling renewed and nurtured.

Babies in arms are welcome.

Thursday, November 19, from 3pm to 4pm

Cost: $20

Please call 250-595-4905 to register