From Surviving to Thriving – A talk for mothers

Posted by on May 15, 2017 in Babies & Toddlers, Blog, Events

The most commonly overlooked part of motherhood that will take you from Surviving to Thriving… Being a mother can be difficult. Your entire life changes including your identity and relationships, which can cause frustration, anxiety, conflict and overwhelm (to name a few). Children can bring out our best and our worst. In the midst of this, you are your child’s most important teacher. Your well-being (or lack of)  has tremendous impact on your family. What if motherhood was an opportunity to address some of your own personal challenges so they don’t surface in unhea

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Happy Feet: Reflexology for pregnancy & labour

Posted by on Apr 26, 2016 in Blog, Events, Health & Wellness, Pregnancy, Pregnancy & Birth

Join Michele Mork, RCRT, a registered Foot Reflexology Therapist and Instructor, for an evening of reflexology for pregnancy and labour. Learn about the many benefits of reflexology, how to reduce stress, ease pregnancy symptoms and how to help get labour started by using both reflexology and pressure points.  Practice hands on techniques on your partner. Pregnant and non-pregnant partners will BOTH get foot rubs! Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes that come off easily, as we will be practicing the techniques together. Thursday, September 29, 2016 – 7-9pm $35 per couple Regis

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Yoga for Birth – Workshop for Doulas and Childbirth Educators

Posted by on Mar 10, 2016 in Blog, Events, Health & Wellness

In this comprehensive workshop for doulas and childbirth educators, we will demystify some of the concepts of yoga and show its simple, straight-forward relevance to the birthing process. We will look at how the principals of yoga can assist the mother and baby as well as the support person during the labour process. By focusing on breathing techniques, tips for full body relaxation and positions for labour. We will discover ways to release physical and mental tensions in order to create a more positive birthing environment for all involved. This workshop is intended for new and experienced

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We have a new floor!

Posted by on Nov 14, 2015 in Babies & Toddlers, Blog, Dads & Partners, Events, Pregnancy & Birth

On the morning of October 31, Victoria had a record-breaking rainfall. More rain feel within a six-hour period than has ever been recorded since we started recording such things. And some of that rain leaked through the roof of our building at 975 Fort Street and seeped down the inside of the wall and flooded the floor of our Activity Room and The Nest at the back of Mothering Touch. The laminate flooring had to be ripped up and discarded, and big fans had to be brought in to dry up the walls and the concrete floor. The Saturday Childbirth Class still ran, on a slightly soppy floor. The Sund

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Halloween Party for Babies! And for Parents Too!

Posted by on Oct 9, 2015 in Babies & Toddlers, Blog, Events

We love Halloween at Mothering Touch! So many cute babies, all dressed up in silly, adorable costumes! On Friday October 30, the afternoon of fun will start with Mommy and Baby Yoga with Clarissa at Noon. Come and do yoga in costume with Clarissa. (Clarissa plans to dress up too!) At 1:30, join Eva for En français! and learn Halloween songs in French. Around 3pm, Alyssa and her guitar will lead a Halloween Sing-Along (in English this time) for all the babies and parents and grandparents. Stay on after the Sing-along (until 5pm) to admire (and laugh at) the cute costumed babies. There will

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Buying a Home on a Budget

Posted by on Mar 14, 2015 in Babies & Toddlers, Blog, Dads & Partners, Events, Pregnancy, Pregnancy & Birth

On March 20th Patricia Kiteke, a Realtor in Victoria, will be hosting a FREE presentation at Mothering Touch about buying a family home. Her passion is working with families and here is what she has to say to you:   If you feel that buying your family home is challenging or daunting then we need to talk.   I believe that our homes are the foundation from which we grow, thrive, and develop. From family dinners to arts and crafts to discovering wonders in the backyard, your family home is the place where first memories will be made.   Join me Friday, March 20th at 7:00-8:15pm wh

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