Restorative Yoga for Breastfeeding

Posted by on Nov 12, 2015 in Babies & Toddlers, Blog, Breastfeeding, Health & Wellness

Restorative Yoga for Breastfeeding A Special Workshop for Breastfeeding Mothers Taught by Yoga Instructor, Sarah-Jane Steele Breastfeeding is hard physical work for the mother. It involves not only the breasts, but also the brain, the shoulders, neck and chest, and the arms and hands. The positions we use to breastfeed can create constriction in our body which makes breastfeeding more difficult and may even impact our milk supply. This restorative yoga class for breastfeeding mothers will examine how we use our bodies while nourishing our babies and how we can restore and refresh our bodies an

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Is a Prenatal Class about Childbirth or about Babies?

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This term we use – Prenatal Class – is confusing, isn’t it? Some parents-to-be are fascinated by, or worried about labour and birth and are wanting to spend a lot of time talking about it. They come to our 12-hour, six-week Childbirth Preparation classes and are happy to spend most of the tiime on lbour and birth, and practicing comfort measures and coping skills, and find that it’s great that we also spend two entire hours talking about babies and breastfeeding. Other parents, who are more worried about how they are going to cope with the baby once it is out, feel they

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Product of the Month

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We are so excited about the new Bravado Buttercup and Ballet Bras! The Buttercup features soft molded foam cups with a nice stretch to accommodate your changing size. It is a great alternative to an underwire bra because it has shape without the wire. The Buttercup has convertible straps and comes with an extender, and we carry it in a good range of sizes. The Ballet Bra is a soft easy wear bra that is so comfortable it can be used as a sleep bra at night and yet it is very supportive during the day. It has a cross-over design which makes full breast access quick and easy. We carry the Ballet

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Breastfeeding Challenge!!

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Well, this year, one of my long-time dreams is coming true! The Quintessence Global Breastfeeding Challenge is taking place at the Mayfair Mall! I worked on the organization of the Victoria site of the Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge every year from 2001 to 2006 and each yar I would go around to the shopping malls and ask if they would host the event. Each year they would look at me with the same puzzled expression. Well, to be sure, my request was not a usual one. The Breastfeeding Challenge is an event to raise awareness of breastfeeding and to welcome and celebrate breastfeeding moth

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New Class – Motherhood Circle

Posted by on Aug 24, 2014 in Breastfeeding, Events, Health & Wellness

Becoming a mother is one of the biggest transitions a woman can go through. There are many ups and downs, challenges and rewards. Starting in September there is a new registered program discussing this transition. Motherhood Circle is a group for women who want to explore some of the big common themes for new mothers in a nurturing environment. Each session will cover new information and discussion on topics related to motherhood. Topics may include changing identity, mommy brain, sexuality, intimacy, body-image, and changing relationships. This group is open to all mothers. Babes in arms are

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Breastpump Inservice

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  Breastpump Inservice Thursday, May 30th 7 – 8:30pm The Mothering Touch Centre 975 Fort Street It’s about helping Moms.   When it comes to pumps and pumping, what’s new & old? What are some issues moms need help with? What are some helpful tips?   Come and share your experiences with such things as: Transitioning to home with baby What’s available in the community Use and care of various pumps Light refreshments provided by BfM-svi.  Please let us know you are coming to help us prepare.  Call Audrey  (778)678-0747 Click here to download a

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