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Mother Yourself: A Yoga Workshop for Relaxing and Releasing

Posted by on May 16, 2017

Mother Yourself: A Yoga Workshop for Relaxing and Releasing Often our culture is one of pushing through rather than allowing, but by taking time for ourselves, by relaxing and releasing tense muscles, and by lengthening and aligning our bodies, we get deeper and better results for overall well being, giving us longer lasting effects in both body and mind. The goals of this workshop are to release tense muscles; make space in the shoulders and neck; relax tension in the hips and sacrum; all while passively strengthening the core and lower-back.

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From Surviving to Thriving – A talk for mothers

Posted by on May 15, 2017

The most commonly overlooked part of motherhood that will take you from Surviving to Thriving… Being a mother can be difficult. Your entire life changes including your identity and relationships, which can cause frustration, anxiety, conflict and overwhelm (to name a few). Children can bring out our best and our worst. In the midst of this, you are your child’s most important teacher. Your well-being (or lack of)  has tremendous impact on your family. What if motherhood was an opportunity to address some of your own person

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Keeping the Love Alive: When Partners Become Parents

Posted by on Mar 10, 2017

My husband Randy and I have been together for almost 35 years now. We were together for seven years before having our first child. In that time we completed a total of 5 post-secondary degrees, got married (and organized a wedding with 120 guests), moved three times (including one move abroad), spent several long periods living apart because of school and work, lived with my parents (for a year) and renovated a 1500 square-foot apartment. We had lots of stress. And lots of arguments. We also had lots of opportunities to grow as a couple and as

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My Baby Hates the Car Seat! – Guest Post by Aliya Khan

Posted by on Feb 9, 2017

“My baby hates the car seat!” Such a common complaint from new parents in our Baby Groups. Recently, Aliya Khan, a regular in our baby groups, offered to write a blog post for us on her experiences with her daughter. As you will see, she has TONS of ideas! ________________________ Caring for an infant can be hard. And having an infant that hates the car definitely doesn’t make things any easier. (I’ll just say it: Having an infant that hates the carseat sucks.) So what are you to do when your baby gets upset every time y

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Why do people take a Birth Doula Workshop?

Posted by on Jan 24, 2017

Why do people take a Birth Doula Workshop? Well, of course, many people come because they want to be professional doulas. They want to accompany and support new families through pregnancy, labour, birth and the post-partum period. They want to make this a new career. These new doulas want lots of information about the business and practical side of being a doula, how to keep track of expenses, what to charge, where to advertise and how to find clients. But that’s only about a third of the people who come to the workshop. Another third is made

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Mothering Touch Baby Corner at Rifflandia

Posted by on Sep 9, 2016

Rifflandia is coming! Mothering Touch is excited to be participating in this great festival. We will be setting up a Baby Corner in the Kids’ Tent. Comfy chairs, changing tables, baby wipes, screens for privacy – all within earshot of the main stage! The parents who used our Baby Corner last year were delighted to have some shelter from the rain or the sun and find a comfy place to feed or change their baby while still being in the midst of the action. Make sure you check out the Mothering Touch Baby Corner next weekend!

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September – Regular Classes Return, New Classes Start!

Posted by on Aug 17, 2016

September – Regular Classes Return, New Classes Start!

We have been busily preparing our new Fall schedule which starts on September 6th and we are very excited about the return of favourite classes and the start of some new exciting ones! We will have more drop-in classes for babies and toddlers and their caregivers than ever before! Including Songs and Rhymes, Fun in French, Toddler Yoga, Sign and Sing, Baby Massage. Of course we will also have Mom and Baby Yoga twice a week as well as Mom and Baby Strength and Stretch. Family Yoga will also join our list of new classes – all ages and famil

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Happy Feet: Reflexology for pregnancy & labour

Posted by on Apr 26, 2016

Join Michele Mork, RCRT, a registered Foot Reflexology Therapist and Instructor, for an evening of reflexology for pregnancy and labour. Learn about the many benefits of reflexology, how to reduce stress, ease pregnancy symptoms and how to help get labour started by using both reflexology and pressure points.  Practice hands on techniques on your partner. Pregnant and non-pregnant partners will BOTH get foot rubs! Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes that come off easily, as we will be practicing the techniques together. Thursday, Sep

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Mother-Fest 2016! May 6th from 2pm to 7pm

Posted by on Apr 14, 2016

Pamper your inner Diva at Mother-Fest! Mother-Fest is our annual Celebration of Moms. Every year on the Friday before Mothers’ Day, we invite all sorts of practitioners – massage therapists, reflexologists, acupuncturists, estheticians, a craniosacral therapist, a body-painter to paint bellies, a photographer, to offer quick 12-minute services for $5 each. We have live music from local musicians, and lovely snacks from Patisserie Daniel, giveaways from some of our suppliers, and 20% off everything in the store. There are even doul

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Yoga for Birth – Workshop for Doulas and Childbirth Educators

Posted by on Mar 10, 2016

In this comprehensive workshop for doulas and childbirth educators, we will demystify some of the concepts of yoga and show its simple, straight-forward relevance to the birthing process. We will look at how the principals of yoga can assist the mother and baby as well as the support person during the labour process. By focusing on breathing techniques, tips for full body relaxation and positions for labour. We will discover ways to release physical and mental tensions in order to create a more positive birthing environment for all involved.

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