New Fall Schedule and New Fall Classes

September is always a time for starting something new. This September, we are really excited to bring back some much loved drop-in classes and workshops and also to start some brand new ones! Our new Fall schedule goes into effect on September 8th and we’ve got something for everyone. DROP-IN ACTIVITY CLASSES For parents/caregivers and […]

Restorative Yoga for Breastfeeding

Restorative Yoga for Breastfeeding A Special Workshop for Breastfeeding Mothers Taught by Yoga Therapist, Ann-Kathrin Martins Breastfeeding is hard physical work for the mother. It involves not only the breasts, but also the brain, the shoulders, neck and chest, and the arms and hands. The positions we use to breastfeed can create constriction in our […]

Twenty-Four to Twenty-Eight Weeks Pregnant

Twenty-Four to Twenty-Eight Weeks Pregnant You are coming to the end of the Second Trimester. Almost two-thirds of the way through your pregnancy! How you might feel between twenty weeks and twenty-four weeks of pregnancy: The hormones of pregnancy soften everything up, your ligaments as well as your emotions. You may find that you are […]