Eight to Twelve Weeks Pregnant

Eight to Twelve Weeks Pregnant This business of explaining to people how far along you are in your pregnancy! When you have COMPLETED Eight weeks of pregnancy, you are in your NINTH week, but you are not nine weeks pregnant – yet How you might feel between eight and twelve weeks of pregnancy: Bloating Nausea, […]

Yoga for Labour and Birth with Partners – February 20

Yoga for Labour and Birth with Partners – A special yoga class for pregnant women and their birth partner. Taught by Yoga Instructor and Doula, Renée Ahmadi. Come and join Renée for this fun and informative class! We will practice yoga postures and movements with our partners useful in all stages of labour as well […]

Eight Weeks Pregnant

(There are lots of places online to read about how big your baby is, whether he can hear yet, or how long her fingernails are. We thought we would provide you with a list of to-dos, for each month of pregnancy. Our culture’s convention is that pregnancy is 40 weeks long – which is 10 […]